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    Our Passion

    La Truite d'Argent is created by the Dutch couple, Bob & Henja.

    People here come from all walks of life, but one belief is shared: our community should represent who we are and what we believe. La Truite d'Argent is a recreational community, an arts community and a community of people who love the beauty of nature and feel the need to preserve it. As you’ll see, La Truite d'Argent has many shapes, many moods, and many possibilities.

    The Belgian Ardennes

    La Truite d'Argent is located in the Belgian Ardennes and we offer 15 accommodations for 2-persons in the middle of the woods. Our venue has a capacity of 75 people.

    It's a 2 hour drive from Brussels, a 3 hour drive from Utrecht and a 2 hour drive from Koln.

  • Agenda

    Room information about our roots weekends: www.la-truite.com

    Session Americana (USA)

    Saturday 26 October, 21h:00

    Entree: € 15,-

    Session Americana, from Boston is an ultra-gifted, rotating collective of singers and multi-instrumentalists, the group, whose members have played with a variety of acts including Patty Griffin, Josh Ritter and the J. Geils Band, expertly blends vintage American roots music styles.

    Information: Website Session Americana 

    Tickets: Session Americana

    Invitation to the Blues - interpretation of Tom Waits songs

    Saturday 30 november, 21h:00

    Entree: € 12,50

    Normally we are never so fond of tribute acts. It often imitates the original and that's all.
    But 'Invitation to the Blues' is another cup of tea. They interpret a number of intimate Tom Waits songs in their own way. No worries, the wonderful jazzy and smoky 'Waits' atmosphere stays upright and fits perfectly in La Truite; MAGIC!

    Invitation to the Blues is: Udo Holtappels (piano), Steffen Pauws (bass), Marc Roosen (vocals), Wim van den Hout (cello) and Mario Graat (saxophone).

    Tickets: Invitation to the Blues

    Songs from the Heart

    Saturday 21 december 21h:00

    An evening with Julie Scott, Maaike Peterse & Roeland Drost.

    Entree: € 10,-

    Two years ago this trio was named as one of the highlights of festival La Truite Magique. And now we’re happy they`re back, for a cosy, intimate evening with songs from the heart & stories from the soul.

    An evening full of original material written by singer-songwriter Julie Scott, complemented by new arrangements of material by artists like David Bowie, Johnny Cash, Dave Matthews, Tori Amos & Llasa de Sela.

    Expect a beautiful, emotional and inspirational journey with storytelling & good music to guide you through a winter evening concert in La Truite d’Argent.

    Tickets: Songs from the Heart

    David Luning & Ben Dubin (USA)

    Saturday 15 Februari 2020

    Celeigh Cardinal & Band (CAN)

    Saturday 6 june 2020

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    Check all the amazing artists who played (or are coming) on our beautiful stage in the Belgian Ardennes.

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