• La Truite Live!

    Concerts @ Hotel / Bed and Breakfast La Truite d'Argent, Houffalize, Belgium

  • Agenda

    Session Americana (USA)

    samedi / zaterdag 15 octobre: 21:00hr

    Entree: € 12,50

    Session Americana (Boston) is a rock band in a tea cup, or possibly a folk band in a whiskey bottle. This band/collective of talented musicians craft an musical experience unlike any other.


    Website: Session Americana


    Crooked Brothers (CA)

    samedi/zaterdag 26 november, 21:00hr

    Entree: € 10,-

    Genre: Americana.

    Both gritty and pretty at once – their take on folk, on blues, rock or anything they turn their hands to can’t be said to be anything but their own. Sometimes it’s as simple as three sweet harmonies, or a single harmonica holding the whole room at attention, and sometimes things growl and shake and come smashing down with a filthy rhythm beneath it. But it’s all Crooked Brothers, to the last drop.


    Website: Crooked Brothers

    Blues Angels

    Samedi / Zaterdag 17 december 21:00hr

    Entree: € 10,-

    Pascale Michiels : zang – percussie
    Kathleen Vandenhoudt : zang – percussie
    Anneke De Bruyn : zang – percussie
    Jan De Bruyn : zang – gitaar
    Pieter Van Bogaert : hammond – bassynth - basdrum


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    Live concerts & Chambre d'hotes 

    Bob & Henja

    Cetturu 1, 6662 Tavigny, Houffalize, BE

    +32 (0)61 21 99 96

    Email: info@la-truite.com

  • Bed and Breakfast La Truite d'Argent

    La Truite d'Argent offers 8 guest rooms / chambre d'hôtes and 1 apartment.

    It's possible to book your room whole year round and during concert weekends.

  • Highlights

    Hundreds of artists have played in the woods of La Truite d'Argent.

    Here you find a summary of the artist who'd played in our beautiful inn.

    Past shows...

    Ian Siegal, AJ Roach, Roland van Campenhout with Billy & Bloomfish, Israel Nash, Jude Johnstone, Mark Olson (Jayhawks), Birds That Change Colour, Honky, Johnny G., The Epstein, Whitehorse, Tom Skinner, Cam Penner, Ben Caplan, Town of Saints, Birth of Joy, King Dalton, Sons of Bill, Het zesde Metaal, Douglas Firs, Madison Violet and many more.......